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Xellvivo TM for high titer TGE

High-performance production media usually contain components, such as anti-clumping agents (e.g. dextran sulfate), which inhibit transient transfection by polycationic reagents. Therefore, specialized media are commonly used in transfection applications. Also, current  transfection protocols recommend exchanging the medium prior to transfection and require subsequent supplementation to allow high viability and cell growth leading to high
product titers. Recently published results indicate that an optimized nutrient supplement in combination with a tailored feed regime can further enhance product titers compared to TGE in batch processes.

To overcome the remaining challenges, InVivo and Xell AG have collaborated to develop a new culture medium that can be used for transfection and production. Starting from a basal medium, we were able to generate with Xellvivo TM a novel solution, which supports high-titer TGE. Improvements were achieved by stepwise screening and optimization of media ingredients with regards to higher cell growth, transfection efficiency and productivity, resulting in a 4‑fold increase in comparison to a commonly used reference medium. Furthermore, Xellvivo TM supports cell growth and easy adaption to suspension of various parental and producer HEK cells.

Comparison of reference medium and Xellvivo TM.

Comparison of antibody quantities obtained from TGE in HEK293 cells (7 days post transfection) expressed by HEK293 using either Xellvivo TM or a reference medium. With focus on high cell growth, transfection efficiency and productivity Xellvivo TM led to a 4-fold increase in comparison to a commonly used reference medium.


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