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Services Timescale

From sequence to product within weeks.

With our efficient method of TGE, it is possible to obtain mammalian-derived proteins within weeks. Stable cell line development, which is always related to hard and time-consuming lab work, is no longer needed.


InVivo has a strong expertise in prodcution of recombinant antibodies (IgG) through TGE. This allows usto guarantee a yield of 40 mg for every pilot study.Try our sequence-to-antibody service and receive your antibody of interest within only a few weeks.

The pilot study includes:

  • Subcloning and plasmid preparation
  • Transient Transfection
  • small-to-medium scale antibody production
  • One-step purification using Affinity chromatography
  • Quality Control: Capilary Gel Electrophoresis(CGE) to estimate purity and determination of protein concentration via UV-Spectrometry (A280 value)


  • 40 mg recombinant antibody with a purity of ≥ 90%

We only need the sequence of the variable domains and the requested subclass of your antibody.The synthesis vector can be shared with you.

If the sequences are not available we are able to sequence the variable domainsor obtain the full antibody sequence from your hybridoma cells. Please contact us, we will be pleased to advise you.


Not only antibodies but even recombinant proteins can easily be produced using our InVEST platform. The simplicity of handling, good growth rates, excellent transfections rates and high productivity promises satisfying results.

The pilot study includes:

  • Subcloning and Plasmid preparation
  • Transient transfection
  • Small-to-medium scale protein production
  • One-step purification of supernatant using an Affinity chromatography (His-tag, Fc, etc.)
  • Quality Control: SDS-PAGE or Capilary Gel Electrophoresis(CGE) to estimate purity and determination of protein concentration via UV-Spectrometry (A280 value)

Through the pilot study, we evaluate the expression rate of your protein, perform a test purification and check the product quality. This enables us to assess the feasibility of your project and also to calculate prices for future up-scaling productions. Tags for purification are highly recommended, as they simplify the purification process.

Benefit from our powerful and productive protein expression platform!


For target discovery and lead identification, we can run up to 100 expressions on a small-scale in parallel. Use this multiplicity for your variety!


InVivo’s enhanced paltform for TGE enables large-scale production of recombinant antibodies and recombinant proteins.After successful pilot production, we are happy to discuss upscaling productions with you to manufacture your product of interest in higher milligram to gram quantities.

Depending on your needs, manufacturing is performed in scales from bioreactor-tubes holding a couple of mL, to multiple shake-flasks in parallel cultivation in our highly capacity and optimally-equipped shaker facility. Depending on your needs, manufacturing is performed in shake flasks or stirred bioreactor systems of up to 100 L depending on your needs.


InVivo offers the service of plasmid preparation (200 µg – 1g) suitable for transfection of mammalian cell lines.


Do you have any questions? Send us a message and we will get in contact with you to find the best solution for your needs.

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