Achieve the best results with INVEST

Achieving high-titer TGE depends on addressing and overcoming a few essential bottlenecks for optimal results.

First of all, you need a cell line which is easy to transfect and will allow high product titers. An important point is that the cells need to be cultivated in suspension rather than as adherent cell cultures to maximize titer and simplify up-scaling of transfection volumes.

Selection of the correct cell culture media is extremely important. Only a few of the commercially available cell culture media allow transient transfection and production.

The quality and source of the plasmid DNA which contains the genetic information for your protein of interest has a major impact. On one hand it is very important that your plasmid is replicated in E. coli in a high copy number, because of the large amounts needed for TGE. On the other hand, the plasmid needs an expression cassette for gene expression in mammalian cells.

Since productivity of your Gene of Interest (GoI) is highly correlated to the quantity of plasmid DNA which reaches the nucleus, vector design has a major impact. This encompasses the expression control elements used and the gene of interest itself.

Selection of the transfection reagent also plays an important role in TGE processes. Commonly used transfection reagents, such as polyethyleneimine (PEI), are quite cytotoxic when used in high concentrations. Other very effective reagents like lipid-based reagents are very expensive and electroporation is only scalable using special equipment.

During recent years, InVivo BioTech Services has addressed all these issues to launch InVivo’s Expression System for transient Transfection (InVEST). InVEST combines:

InVEST is a high yielding TGE production process established on Design of Experiment (DoE)-based optimization of all relevant parameters, which results in about 80‑fold production increase in comparison to a commercially available TGE system:

Comparison of Commercial kit and InVivo's Expression System for transient Transfection.

InVEST includes an advanced cell line and vector system, a novel transfection reagent as well as a unique and customized medium, all synergistically optimized for highly efficient production of recombinant proteins.

Please find more detailed information about InVEST in the following 5 chapters:

 Cell Line

 Cell Culture Media

Plasmid DNA

Vector Design

TT Reagent